Startup Weekend

12th September 2014

Ideas being worked on Startup Weekend Kathmandu 2014

by brijen

Data Lab

Team leader: Nijel Shrestha


With their robot that works automatically named ‘Maduka’, crawls and extracts all the data from everywhere possible. Data Lab is a one stop data processing solution that collects, analyzes and extracts the useful information that is required in a day to day life. Apart from that, their other service “Tathya” processes the data and extracts the useful information from it.



Platforms: Web

Languages: Python, ruby, HTML5, PHP, CSS

Cloud Hosting: Amazon web services

Social Integration: LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter

Technologies: Vertical / Market (Customer Service, Sales & CRM, Service, Data Analysis, Advertising)


Team members:

Shritesh Bhattarai

Raghav Thapa

Avishek Singh

Source My Work

Team leader: Bobby Basnet




Source my work aims at providing B2B solution to the business agents in need of several services by creating a platform where they can find the professionals to outsource their work to which can be either product or staff outsourcing.



Platforms: Android

Languages: Java, PHP

Cloud Hosting: Social Integration

Technologies: Vertical / Market (Communication, Notifications & Alerts, Realtime Search, Business Productivity, research, Advertising)


Team members:

Saurav Bajracharya

Sajesh Khadgi

Sameer Maharjan

Sujan Parajuli





Team Leader: Sushil Shrestha




Their company motto being ‘Smart spender, live richer’, the team of MeroArtha concentrates on making people realize that they need to spend wisely. The concept of this company is to collect receipts from consumers and the one who has paid the lowest cost will eventually win a gift hamper from the sponsors. In this case, the sponsors are the companies whose products are featured.


Platforms: web

Languages: ruby

Cloud Hosting: Heroku

Social Integration: Facebook

Technologies: Ruby on Rails

Vertical / Market: Financial


Team Members:

Saurav Karki

Michael Bocker- Larsen

Supriya Koirala





Team Leader: Binita Shrestha




Travelling in Kathmandu is usually a hassle and the passenger has to wait for a public vehicle for a very long period with no time schedule. V-Track has a plan of tracking all the public transportations through GPS system installed in them. With the help of an App, the passengers will be able to check the current status of the public vehicles that they are in need of.


Platforms : web, Android

Languages: Java

Cloud Hosting: Heroku

Social Integration: Other

Technologies: Google maps:

Vertical / Market:Transportation


Team Members:

Bikram Adhikari

Safalta Shrestha

Rental Nepal

Team Leader: Love Shankar Shrestha



The RentalNepal app will allow people looking for accommodation in Kathmandu to find a perfect house that will fit their requirements.  RentalNepal will let the user search for a rented bunglow, flat or a single room. It will also allow brokers to post places to rent. They are focusing on decreasing the gap between the landlord who is supposed to provide the rent people who are in need of a room, flats or apartment. They ensure the renter with proper people who have a sound background and eventually helping to minimize any difficulties between them.


Team Members:

Kishor Maharjan

Regan Maharjan

Akriti Bhusal





Team Leader: Surit Bhattarai


Lishn is a local music streaming application that ensures the music you get is FREE and also legal at the same time. For Artists, Lishn is a platform to share her/his music among listeners and get paid directly for it. The artists will make money with every play of her/his song on the app.


No Middle man! No Labels! No Distributors!



Platforms: web, Android, iOS


Languages: node.js, PHP, JavaScript, CSS


Cloud Hosting: Other


Social Integration:Google+, Facebook, Twitter


Technologies: AngularJS


Vertical / Market: Media, music and advertising




Team Members:


Aayush Shrestha

Ashok Basnet

Bibek Subedi

Dinesh Subedi



Team Leader: Manish Shrestha




With time, the strong culture that we Nepalese abide to are fading off. We often don’t know what items are necessary for a holy ritual or we are lost when it comes to what step comes after what. The Hindu calendar is flooded with festivals and this new app, RitiRiwaj will help you overcome these obstacles and keep your culture and rituals alive. This app will give you a basic structure of how the rituals must be conducted apart from letting the users know what item is required to conduct it along with the stores that has the availability for the same.




Platforms: web, Android


Languages: Java, HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, CSS


Cloud Hosting: Other


Social Integration: Google+, Facebook and Twitter


Technologies: Vertical / Market (Entrepreneurs & Business)

Team Members:

Ashim Sitaula






Team Leader: Sanchita Pant




Tihoon which is another name for vegetables in Nepali is an idea which will sell organic, affordable and hygienic lunch that has a Nepali taste for working professionals. While working, Tihoon team believes that there are not many options to eat healthy food that they can rely on.  They are pitching an idea for a Nepali lunch set that is organic, healthy and hygienic appetizing to your tummy as well a supporting a social cause which will be served in Taparis. The social cause here revolves around training and employing women who are under privileged and deserve to get a social status in the society with a decent job that will fulfil their basic necessities. They are also aiming at providing special menu for the ones who want to opt for a diet.


Team Members:

Deepa Rai

Bipin Gaire

Dipesh Gorkhali

Namisha Bhattarai




Organic fertilizer and raw materials management

Leader: Sunita Thapaliya



The main idea that revolves around Organic fertilizer and raw materials management is collecting the decomposable waste from households and convert them to organic fertilizers. They aim on spreading the message of separating the biodegradable waste from the non- biodegradable waste which will eventually solve the garbage issue in Kathmandu.


Team members:

Shilu Pradhan

Shraddha Kunwar

Preeti Kaur

Romil Bhattarai


Himalayan House of Treasure (Import/Export Platform)

Team Leader: Pratik Shrestha

The Himalayan House of Treasure aims at working as a platform for the Import and Export that is done in Nepal in fair means. The main objective of Himalayan House of Treasure is to promote the Nepalese products which are not getting the exposure that they deserve in the market by working as a broker where international buyers are willing to purchase the same.



Platforms: Physical Space, web


Cloud Hosting:


Social Integration: Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter




Team Members:

Himanshu Goyal

Mrinal Jha

Mingma Sherpa

Pankaj Pandey

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