Down The Memory Lane: Greenovation Startup Challenge 2016

Nepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub in partnership with WWF Nepal organized Greenovation Startup Challenge (GSC) 2016 which sought to nurture entrepreneurial ideas linked with an environmental cause. GSC believed in promoting socially responsible entrepreneurship and welcomed participation from diverse sectors offering them a once-in-a-lifetime experience to turn their green business idea into reality. It provided a platform to transform innovative ideas to performing enterprise and assisted in the initial setup of their business.

A total of 54 participants (40% female and 60% male) worked on 12 ideas for the GSC-2016. The top 4 ideas were awarded NPR 150,000/- each. Initially, the event was designed to award 3 best ideas with the seed money sponsored by WWF. But the enthusiasm of the youth and their ideas prompted Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) to fund one more idea. Such was the energy and enthusiasm generated by the event.

All 50 participants pitched their ideas in Greennovation Startup Challenge-2016. The participants pitched their ideas on Agriculture, Green product, recycle and reuse, Tourism, Wildlife and Conservation e.t.c. The participants voted for the ideas and out of 50 pitched ideas, top 12 ideas were selected. Applicants formed a cross functional teams to work on the selected ideas, which they worked on over the weekend










The top 12 ideas were:
Safa Pad
Ground Apple
Hamro Jhola
Know Your Air
Tyre Treasure
Sisno Nepal
Smart Agribusiness
Safe Tarkari
Walk for a cause
We care Pads
Hariyo Chulo.

Local mentors and domain experts came throughout the event to coach the teams through the planning process. The team detailed their idea into a business plan. The team presented their ideas in front of the coaches for the feedbacks and comments. The award gala for the Greenovation Startup Challenge was organized in Hotel Annapurna, Durbarmarg. Mr. Suman Shakya was the Master of Ceremony of the event.

12 teams with varying green business ideas presented their startup idea to the list of judges which included:

  1. Mr. Bhushan Tuladhar
  2. Ms. Sadhana Shrestha
  3. Mr. Ghana Shyam Gurung
  4. Mr.Ram Dhital

They were judged on the basis of the business model, customer validation, execution, and prototype.

On the occasion, Mr. Shankar Prasad Koirala, Chief guest and Secretary of Ministry of Industry opined that these sort of events motivate youths to startup their own business and be Self-employed which has a significant role in economic development.

The top four ideas in Greenovation Startup Challenge 2016 were;

  1. Ground Apple
  2. Tyre Treasure
  3. Sisno Nepal
  4. Hariyo Chulo

The winning teams were awarded seed money of NRs 1,50,000 each to help start their green enterprise.

Ground Apple

Diabetes and other non-communicable diseases suffer from diet restrictions. The management of the dietary restriction has been a challenge.Ground apple which is a vegetable named after the fruit is a substitute for high sugar fruits and vegetables with 90% water it is highly suitable for diabetic patients. The increasing demand for the product in the market especially from the patients of diabetes and the opportunity provided by organic farming, the venture is looking towards creating a brand of ground apples as a commodity in every Nepali household.

Tyre Treasure

How do we recycle the products so as to increase the life of the substance whose life is limited? It consisted of using the tyres and another bio non-degradable materials in creative ways so as to use it on a day to day life and create business value out of that up-cycles old and reusable tyres to produce household and commercial furniture such as seats and pet beds. The team is working on different sizes depending on the size of the tyres and in a variety of makes and colours.

Sisno Nepal

Sisno (Stinging Nettle) is the staple food of the Chepang community which is one of the most backward indigenous communities of Nepal. Sishnu has been used as a poor man food for a long time. In the current time, Sisno has been identified to have multiple health benefits where it has been used in powder, as well as fresh vegetable. It has also been used to make fibre where it is used as clothes. This project aims to commercialize the organic farming of Sishnu and diversify its use which will help generate income for Chepang communities and make it sustainable and profitable.

Hariyo Chulo

The idea sprung from the hardship faced during the shortage of cooking gas and other fuels. Furthermore, a large part of Nepal still relies on the natural fuel like wood, dried dung cake and other local solution which emits smoke which has a negative effect on health and since most of the process involves adolescent girls, results in time poverty. Hariyo Chulo is a smart solution which is 20% more efficient compared to the old stove. The technology uses smoke from firewood as a fuel which helps in minimizing carbon emission and will find primary use in rural homes and hotels.


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