Down The Memory Lane: Startup Weekend Anti-Human Trafficking

Nepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub organized Startup Weekend Anti-Human Trafficking. The event focused on a critical issue regarding human trafficking and it focused on bringing ideas that could minimize the problem and support the victims of human trafficking. Mr. Brijendra Rochan Joshi moderated the event which was organized from 9th April to 11th April 2015 at Amar Hotel, Kathmandu. There were 32 participants participating in the event and the participants comprised  a mix of foreign as well as local entrepreneurs.

The first day of the event was allotted for the participants to pitch their ideas on anti human trafficking. Eight (8) teams were formed through voting after the pitching session. All the 32 participants participating in the event casted their votes.

Following ideas were selected by the participants on the first day of the session.    

S.N Name of the participants Startup Ideas
1. Marcelo Santos Connected NGOs united Team
2. Casey Allred Plaster the Brothel
3. Justine Rivero Project 20
4. Kelly James Banau – Girls who thrive
5. Amrit Dhir Project Tabula
6. Shezana Manji SMS SOS
7. Gopi Kallayil Burst the Bubble
8. Deepa Aswani NGO Fundraising Toolkit

Day 2 focused on idea validation, research, potential to serve the victims of human trafficking. Local mentors came in throughout the second day, to help participants furnish their startup idea. Resource person having expertise in human trafficking came in for the mentoring session.

The mentors that came in during the mentoring session were;

Mr. Anil Chitrakar (Social Change Maker, Architectural Heritage Expert)

Mr. Karmath Dangol (VP Engineering,

Mr.  Rupesh Krishna Shrestha (Assistant Professor, KUSOM)

Mr. Tshering Lama (country Director, Childreach Nepal)

Mr. Sumnima Tuladhar (Executive Coordinator, CWIN-Nepal)

Participants pitched their ideas to the judges on the final day. The 3 finalists who stood out in the evaluation criteria were:

S.N Name of the participants Startup Ideas
1. Kelly James Banau – Girls who thrive
2. Marcelo Santos Connected NGOs united Team
3. Casey Allred Plaster the Brothel

Banau – Girls who thrive

Team Leader: Kelly James

Idea: Banau is creating an online marketplace to sell handicrafts made from around the world. We will be partnering with Shakti and local schools to develop an apprenticeship program where girls learn the trade of making jewelry and weaving. Our mission is to create safe and sustainable opportunities for girls to thrive through education, community, and creativity.


Connected NGOs united Team

Team Leader: Marcelo Santos

Idea: Connected NGOs United’s  idea is to build a platform for NGOs to share their data and cases with other NGOs across the border/s. This will give the NGOs ability to track cases in real time and on the field. This platform is also secured and scalable to other non-profits that wish to collaborate either on the trafficking source, like Nepal as well as the rescue site, like India. The platform lets the NGOs build profiles of the victims, and track their status and stages, from the time they went missing until they are rescued by the authorities abroad and returned back to their homeland.

This platform will also enable analytics and reports that will drive strategy and business decisions for the management team, and provide data to present to potential donors. This platform allows integration of other tools and services like location trackers, SMS notifications and such, extending the platform as a single tool that all the NGOs can use to work together for fighting human trafficking.

Plaster the Brothel

Team Leader: Casey Allred

Idea: Plaster the Brothel are creating a simple SMS based solution to help girls who are victims of trafficking to be saved. There will be posters in red light districts addressed to trafficked girls. Girls will be able to send a simple text message to hotline number and be saved.

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