Down the Memory Lane: Startup Weekend Global Battle

Nepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub in its quest to nurture entrepreneurship, support startup communities and contribute towards a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, joined hand with international community to organize Startup Weekend Global Battle 2014. Following the footsteps of the inaugural Startup Weekend Global Battle 2013, 51 entrepreneurs from all walk of life joined the international movement of international startup weekend competition. The event was held from 21st November to 23rd November 2014 at SAP Falcha, Kathmandu. Like previous Startup Weekend Global edition, there was no special theme for the event.

The first day of the event was allotted for the participants to pitch their ideas. Twelve teams were formed through voting after the pitching session. All 51 participants participating in the event casted their votes.  Out of the pitched ideas 12 top ideas were selected.

The list below gives you a basic introduction to the 12 ideas that had been chosen to battle down in the finale.

S.N Name of the participants Startup Ideas
1. Suresh Thapa Books for all
2. Sijan Bhandari Bridge Industry
3. Ranjan Kafle Cloth Bank
4. Divya Chhetri Corporate Application
5. Pusp Raj Bhatt Earthquake Safety Toolkit
6. Subhechhya Shrestha E-menu for Restaurants.
7. Piyush Thapa My Shows
8. Rabindra Gautam Nepal Highway Schedule
9. Abha Dhital Noodles and Doodles
10. Chandan Goopta Opinion Mining of Product
11. Dheer Uprety Rent a car
12. Anamika Tiwari Songs in Apps

The second day of the weekend was devoted to mentoring from the mentors to validate their business idea. Mentors came in throughout the day for the mentoring session. The second day focused on business validation, market research, growth potential, customer validation among others.

The mentors that came in to mentor the participants during the day were:

  1.     Binay Bohora (Managing Director, Vianet Communications)
  2.     Bibhushan Bista (Co-founder and CEO, YoungInnovations Pvt. ltd.)
  3.     Sanam Chitrakar (Partner at Biruwa Ventures)
  4.     Vidhan Rana (Founding Partner, Biruwa Ventures)
  5.     Mahesh Swar (AGM, Kantipur Publication)
  6.     Sashi Bhattarai (Chairman, Knowledge Holding International Pvt. Ltd. (K-Hint)
  7.    Karmath Dangol (VP Engineering,
  8.    Madan Lamsal (Editor-in-Chief, New Business Age)
  9.    Satish Joshi (Project Finance & Management Specialist: Nepal Investment Board)
  10.    Ashish Shrestha (Rockstart: Renewable Energy)
  11.    Manish Modi (Co-Founder Janaki Tech)
  12.    Narottam Aryal (Educator)
  13.    Rupesh Krishna Shrestha (Rock star, Assistant Professor)
  14.    Sixit Bhatt (Entrepreneur)   

The final day of the Weekend focused on the validation and work on towards the final pitch to the panel of judges. Mock pitching session was held in front of mock judges which gave the participants the feel of the final pitch and also provided them with suggestion where they can improve. Participants pitched their idea in front of the jury members at the evening. All ten teams worked thoroughly with their team members and resource persons visiting the available mentors. The final pitching was for 5 minutes followed by 3 minutes of question answer from the jury.

The jury members of the finale were:

  1.   Willem Grimminck
  2.   Amrit Tuladhar (CEO
  3.   Ranjit Acharya (CEO, Prisma Advertising)

The winning ideas after the final pitching were.

S.N Name of the participants Startup Ideas
1. Chandan Goopta Opinion Mining of Product
2. Abha Dhital Noodles and Doodles
3. Subhechhya Shrestha E-menu for Restaurants.

Opinion Mining of Product

It is a Sentiment Analysis and opinion mining of customer opinions posted on social media, websites and various other platforms.

Team Members: Chandan Goopta (Leader) , Amit Joshi, Pratik Shrestha, Ashmit Bhattrai, Khemraj Pokhrel

Noodles and Doodles

An eatery for noodle lovers that have ample space for doodlers too! Doodle friendly spaces with chalkboard walls, chalkboard tables for art and inspiring messages. People will not only come here for art and noodles but also to help children. How? The place will be turned into a classroom for street children once a week and their mid day lunch will be sponsored.

Team Members: Abha Dhital (Leader), Sabin Bhandari, Ishwor Shrestha, Phurba Sherpa, Randhir


E-menu for Restaurants

E-menu for restaurants is an interactive restaurant application to digitalize the ordering system of the restaurant. This also includes an amazing website from where users can order food from home and get them delivered at the desired place.

Team Members: Subhechhya Shrestha (Leader), Nidesh Maskey, Shirish Maharjan, Atul Pradhananga, Roniya Shrestha

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