Down the Memory Lane: Startup Weekend Women Edition

Startup Weekend Kathmandu: Women Edition

Shivila GC

Nepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub organized Startup Weekend Women Edition with the spirit to support women empowerment in the field of entrepreneurship but not limiting itself to only women participation. This three days event was organized from 5th July 2013 to 7th July 2013 at Islington College, Kamalpokhari.

Out of the total 58 participants, there were 40 female participants and  18 male participants. Each Startup Weekend is different, it is diverse and a melting pot of people from different walks of life. Professionals gel together with a single passion to do things in a better way which is going to change the way we do things in future. When we have believers in the same rooms with determination, 54 hours is all it takes.

The first day of the event basically covers “meet, pitch, and team up”. There were 30 ideas which were pitched by women and 11 ideas pitched by men. Out of this, 11 ideas were selected based on voting by the registered participants and cross functional teams were formed. The ideas selected were geared towards solving some pressing issues in our society. Here is what was built over the weekend.  

S.No Name of the Participants Startup Idea
1 Sheela Bogati Butta
2 Komal Kadmiya Saybuhe
3 Seema.S.Sunuwar Sakcham
4 Garima Sapkota BloodPlus
5 Swapnil Sneham Yatra
6 Megha Gupta Floating Restaurant
7 Dipen Lama Notify Me
8 Sudha Bhandari Preveshdwaar
9 Abhibandu SMSMart
10 Kavi Joshi Startup Nepal
11 Kajal Khadka Upload it Get it (UIGI)

The second day of the weekend is usually idolized for learning and working on the selected ideas. Participants pitched their startup ideas to local entrepreneurial leaders with opportunity for critical feedback. Mentors and coaches were called to help the teams groom their ideas and guide the teams through their planning process.

The mentors that came in during the day were:

  1.   Anil Chitrakar (Social Entrepreneur, Architectural Heritage Expert)
  2.   Ranjit Acharya (CEO, Prisma Advertising)
  3.   Umanga Pandey (Founder-Director, Kehi Garau)
  4.   Jo Hill (Director, Unltd)
  5.   Deepa Shakya (Consultant at Regulatory Reform Project, IFC)
  6.   Shikha Shrestha (Care Nepal)
  7.   Annette Tingstrup (Tings Tea Lounge & Lounge Hotel)
  8.   Anand Tuladhar (Managing Director, The Bluebird Mall)

The final event of the day marked the end of the program along with the announcement of winners.

The jury members of the finale  were:

  1.   Ms. Barsha Shrestha (General Manager, Clean Energy Development Bank)
  2.   Anand Bagaria (MD, Nimbus Holding, MD Probiotech Industries)
  3.   Karmath Dangol (VP Engineering, CloudFactory)
  4.   Puja Tandon (Co-founder, Business Oxygen)

All 11 participants pitched their ideas in front of the judges and 5 finalists were able to stand out in the evaluation criteria. The five finalists were:

SN Name of the Participants Startup Idea
1 Sheela Bogati Butta
2 Komal Kadmiya Saybihe
3 Seema S. Sunuwar Sakchham
4 Garima Sapkota Bloodplus
5 Swapnil Sneham Yatra

Top 5 ideas:


The idea behind, “BUTTA”, is to crowdsource the design for the t-shirts business that they already have. The designer gets a market of the designs, the sale of the design which adds to the revenue from the design and a percentage of profit from the sale of the t-shirt goes to the designer. This creates a platform for the designers to share his design and get paid where all the other operational activities would be handled by the company. Team leader of “BUTTA” is Sheela Bogati.


“SAYBIHE”, allows you to custom plan your wedding or any live events. It takes care of minuscule details of the process along with your requirement for the parties. These emotional moments which is a big part of the timeline in your life, family, and friends. The event is planned and executed in a fashion which allows the perfect combination of the ceremonies, parties followed by pictures and videos which make the memories long lasting. The idea is to target the niche market of NRN, affluent class of residents in Nepal. Team leader of “SAYBIHE” is Komal Kadmiya.


“SAKCHHAM” revolved around developing services and resources to deal with proper grooming environment for fresh graduates and also building a bridge in the internship program. The idea is to provide a facilitator for this talented but raw mind which allow them to guide them around the responsibilities in the job and their optimal execution. This allows the person to excel in a short period of the time making them “SAKCHHAM” in their respective field. Team Leader of “SAKCHHAM” is Seema S. Sunuwar.

TEAM BloodPlus

This project revolves around the social cause by helping solve the blood shortages by addressing the various verticals of the supply chain in Blood Supply Management in Nepal. The first is to address the blood shortage which would be addressed by awareness campaign for encouraging the blood donation, second addressing the information flow in the supply chain which allows locating the blood in different life stages so that not a single drop of blood that has been donated goes to waste. Team Leader of “BloodPlus” is Garima Sapkota.

TEAM Easy Yatra

Have you ever waited for the bus or any public transport without knowing when it will arrive? Introducing, “Easy Yatra”, which will solve your problem, they have an app to locate the public vehicles via GPS and also you can send an SMS to find the nearest public transport and it’s ETA. The initial public transportation it wants to deal with is, “SAJHA YATAYAT”. Team leader of “Easy Yatra” is Swapnil Sneham.

Judges carefully analyzed all the ideas presented and selected the following as the winners:

  1. Team  “Butta”
  2. TeamSaybihe”
  3. Team “Sakchaam”

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