Spark Week Day 3 ” Growth is Key to Success”

Spark Week Day 3 ” Growth is Key to Success”
Date: 24th November, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Venue: Islington College, Kamal Marg


The Third day of Spark Week 2017 was held at the Westminister Hall of Islington College, Kathmandu. It shed light on the importance of growing an idea into a successful venture. Once the service/product is introduced into the market.Once the service/product is introduced into the market. The real work actually begins there. Customer development, finding the right market, growing productions, are just a few elements of running a startup. Saying this, no matter how good a product/service is, it would be a waste if the business doesn’t grow. A business must grow in order to sustain and thrive.

The discussion focused on how an entrepreneur must expand their startup. The key elements that were discussed were about accelerating the growth, realizing when a company needs more funds, how to use it efficiently, etc. The Panelists for the session were, Dr. Bishal Dhakal, Health to Home Foundation | Ravi Phuyal, Innovative Nepal Group |Tasnessm Shahani, Tasneem’s Kings Kitchen | Mr. Vidhan Rana, Biruwa Advisors Pvt. Ltd moderated the event.
To conclude Day 3 of Spark Week, the panelists came to a mutual consensus that Yes, Growth is key to success and  calculated mistakes is essential for Startups to Succeed and Innovation, Goodwill, and Numbers are the three things that an entrepreneur must look for when Growing

The Panel Discussion on Day 4 of NEHUB Spark Week 2017 will be held on the topic ” Through the Investors’ Eyes” and the venue for this day is RockstartImpact, Lalitpur.

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