agriBusiness BootCamp 2017

Overview :

With a view to promote agribusiness entrepreneurship and innovation in Nepal, Nepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub (NEHUB) successfully organized the agribusiness BootCamp 2017. The BootCamp was an intensive training/mentoring programme with an intention to promote agribusiness entrepreneurship and innovation in Nepal. The one-of-its kind program encompassing a series of events, concluded in Kathmandu with the announcement of the top agribusinesses.

The program helped the participants learn business frameworks through critical thinking exercises. It created necessary buzz to inform many agribusinesses and invited large number of existing agribusinesses and new agri-entrepreneurs to come together. It was high intensity focused program that injected required mentoring and training to help selected entrepreneurs take ideas from mind to market and from existence to sustainability and scale – with a plan for financial return.
Different events targeting both existing agri business and startups were conducted throughout the period of a month to select participants for agriBusiness BootCamp 2017.


  • Inception Workshop – 9th DEC 2016
  • Media Appearance – 12th FEB – 10th MAR 2017
  • Spark Talk – 31st MAR 2017
  • Juries Orientation – 31st MAR 2017
  • Speed Dating- 1st APR 2017
  • agriBusiness Startup Weekend – (7 – 9)th APR 2017
  • agriBusiness Bootcamp 2017 – (21-27)th APR 2017
  • Award Gala – 27th APR 2017
  • Mentoring Session – 28th & 29th MAY 2017

The Inception Workshop on Agribusiness Startup Weekend Kathmandu and agriBusiness BootCamp was organized on Friday, December 9, 2016 at Moods Lounge, Thapathali, Kathmandu, Nepal. The objective of the workshop was to obtain feedbacks from the key stakeholders of agribusiness entrepreneurship ecosystem in relation to the needs and priorities related to the agri SME support program. Also, the meeting discussed on the design, methodology, scoring criteria, jury committee, and partnership arrangements for organizing the BootCamp and the Startup Weekend. Elaborating the overall agendas and procedures of the event, the meeting stressed upon Agribusiness Boot camp and Startup weekend, to be continued later on the event where the participants are expected to learn on important topic like market validation and segmentation, business model, financials, design thinking, pitching, investment, networking The program ended with feedback sessions on Design and Methodology, Scoring Criteria and Media Plan.
In alignment with agriBusiness BootCamp 2017, NEHUB hosted a pre-event “Spark Talk” held on 31st March 2017 at DECC, Tripureshwor, Kathmandu to cater the queries of the 121 applicants as well as other stakeholders. The event had an orientation session for all the selected applicants providing them complete information about upcoming agriBusiness BootCamp 2017, the process and various events.

Mr. Hempal Shrestha (Co-Founder, NEHUB) moderated the event. Mr. Shrestha initiated the event with a welcome speech and an introduction session. He introduced the participants about NEHUB and its flagship programs that it organizes to foster the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the country. After the introduction session, Mr. Shrestha invited Mr. Neeraj Nepali (Consultant, World Bank infoDev) to the stage. Mr. Nepali then shed some light on various entrepreneurial activities that World Bank engages in. Mr. Nepali also informed the audience that agriBusiness BootCamp was probably the first BootCamp in the world which was dedicated to support agri businesses.

Session from Mr. Nepali was proceeded by Mr. Bibek Shrestha (Agribusiness Market Development Expert, ABIC). Mr. Shrestha then briefed the audience about Nepal Agribusiness Innovation Center (ABIC) and the services provided by it. Mr. Shrestha concluded his session by affirming that ABIC is not a voluntary organization and companies willing to acquire the services provided by ABIC will have.

After the speech by Mr. Bibek Shrestha, the moderator called upon Mr. Ravi Phuyal and Mr. Brijendra Rochan Joshi (both Co-Founders, NEHUB) for a brief introduction about “Agribusiness Startup Weekend Kathmandu” and “agriBusiness BootCamp 2017” respectively. Mr. Joshi, a pioneer in introducing Startup Weekend in Nepal briefed the participants about the methodology of Startup Weekend having had the experience of organizing 10 Startup Weekends. Mr. Joshi stated all the activities that participants would engage themselves during the course of the weekend. After the completion of the session, Mr. Joshi handed over the stage to Mr. Ravi Phuyal. Mr. Phuyal gave a brief rundown of agriBusiness BootCamp and the activities that the participants would engage themselves in during the weeklong event.

Explaining that such initiative had never been taken by any organization in the world, Mr. Phuyal stated that the experience from the BootCamp would be insightful and a great learning curve to all the participants involved in the BootCamp including the organizers. After the introductory session, a Question & Answer session was held whereby inquiries from the participants regarding agriBusiness BootCamp were answered.

After the Question and Answer session, a Panel discussion on the topic खोज्दै कैयौं व्यापार, जसले बदल्नेछ कृषिको मुहार” (English Translation: Searching for many businesses that will change the face of Agribusiness) was moderated by. Mr. Suman Shakya (Consultant, World Bank infoDev). The panelists in the panel discussion included:

  1.   Mr. Shashi Bhattarai (Consultant, World Bank infoDev)
  2.   Mr. Govinda Prasad Sharma (Project Director, PACT)
  3.   Mr. Binoy Sharma (Executive Director, HURDEC)
  4.   Mr. Anand Bagaria (Managing Director, NIMBUS Holding Pvt.Ltd)
  5.   Mr. Siddhant Raj Pandey (Managing Director, Business Oxygen Pvt.Ltd)
As part of agriBusiness BootCamp 2017, Nepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub organized Speed Dating session. Speed Dating was one of the funnel through which existing businesses were selected for the BootCamp, was held on 1st of April 2017 at DECC, Kathmandu. Speed Dating is a funnel through which shortlisted existing businesses were further screened to join the agriBusiness BootCamp. All 50 companies shortlisted from initial screenings were divided into 10 groups. The shortlisted companies met 10 different judges in two panels. Each team gave a presentation of 3 minutes to one panel of judges (5 judges) and the teams were also provided a chance to have a 5-minute interaction with each judge in the panel. The same procedure was rolled over to another room with the next panel of judges with the same process. Event coordinator rang a bell to indicate the beginning and the end of each round. The first bell started the session and the next bell ended the session on which the founder or representative of the company moved to the next jury. In about 40 minutes, the judges completed the review of the presentation and Q&A session of one group. The same process continued for the remaining 8 groups and based on the agreed selection criteria, the jury shortlisted the top 20 applicants/ companies.Observers from the World Bank infoDev team were present to monitor the event throughout the day. Juries present during Speed Dating were:

  1. Dr. Govinda Prasad Sharma (Project Director, PACT)
  2. Ms. Shabnam Shivakoti (Program Director, MoAD / DoA “Post-Harvest Management”)
  3. Mr. Bhushan Shah (Deputy CEO, ABIC)
  4. Mr. Bibek Shrestha (Agribusiness Market Development Expert,ABIC)
  5. Ms. Ritu Pradhan Malla (Sr. Investment Manager, BO2)
  6. Mr. Saurabh Rijal (Investment Facilitation Expert, IFC)
  7. Mr. Sanam Chitrakar (Biruwa Ventures Pvt. Ltd.)
  8. Mr. Binoy Sharma (Executive Director, HURDEC)
  9. Ms. Rita Bhandary (Immediate Past President, FWEAN)
  10. Mr. Narottam Aryal (Executive Director, King’s College)
  11. Mr. Damber Khanal (Managing Director, R&D Innovative)
  12. Ms. Sunayna Tamrakar (Investment Manager, One to Watch)
  13. Ms. Sushama Sharma (Head of Institutional Banking, NMB Bank)
  14. Mr. Brijendra Rochan Joshi (Co-founder, NEHUB)

Observers present during the Speed Dating were:

  1. Mr. Suman Shakya (Consultant, World Bank infoDev)
  2. Mr. Neeraj Nepali (Consultant, World Bank infoDev)
  3. Mr. Shashi Bhattarai (Consultant, World Bank infoDev)
  4. Dr. Bhoj Raj Aryal (Professor, CDM, Tribhuwan University)

The top 20 companies were:

  1. Khetalo Agro Ventures
  2. Tikli Gachi Falful Krishak Samuha
  3. Him Shrinkhala Jaiwik Krishi Udhyog
  4. Radha Krishna Gai Bhaisi Farm
  5. Pathak Dairy Industries
  6. Lekhnath Hatchery & Integrated Agriculture Farm
  7. Chhanga Devi Pashupalan Tatha Ghas Bikas Firm
  8. Farm to Finger
  9. Motherland Agriculture Industry
  10. Bhairav Temple Eco Organic Firm
  11. Shree Kalika B.M Agro Production
  12. Kanchanjunga Organic Orthodox Tea Industry
  13. Quest for Progress Pvt. Ltd
  14. Adhunik Krishi Tatha Jadibuti Byabasaik Firm
  15. Himalayan Organic Garden
  16. Fresh Hygienic Food
  17. Manakamana Agro Organic Fertilizer Pvt.Ltd
  18. Sagar Bee Keeping Industry
  19. Himalayan Tea Twigs & Traders
  20. Swagat Dalmoth Udhyog
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Session I: Team Building Facilitator: Mr. Hempal Shrestha (Co-founder, NEHUB) and Ms. Deepa Shakya (Consultant, NEHUB)

Session II: Business Model Canvas Facilitator: Mr. Suman Shakya (Consultant, infoDev)

Session III: Design Thinking Facilitator: Mr. Pravin Raj Joshi (CTO, Rooster Logic)


Session I: Know Your Customer Facilitator: Mr. Suman Shakya (Consultant, infoDev) and Mr. Shashi Bhattarai (Consultant, infoDev)

Session II: Market Research Facilitator: Ms. Deepa Shakya (Consultant, NEHUB)

Session III: Value Proposition Canvas Facilitator: Mr. Suman Shakya (Consultant, infoDev) and Mr. Shashi Bhattarai (Consultant, infoDev)

Session IV: Nepal Experience: Branding Products/Services Facilitator: Mr. Kashyap Shakya (Founder, Allied Food Industry)

Day III:

Session I: Sales and Distribution Facilitator: Mr. Jim Thaller (Senior Agribusiness Marketing Advisor, World Bank infoDev)

Session II: Competition Mapping Facilitator: Mr. Jim Thaller

Session III: Nepal’s Experience: Sales and Distribution Facilitator: Abhaya Gorkhali (Senior Marketing Manager, Dabur Nepal)


Session I: Field Visit- Market Validation at Bhaktapur Durbar Square

Session II: Nepal Experience: Quality Control Facilitator: Ms. Jiwan Prava Lama, (President, NEFOSTA)


Session I: Technical Aspects of Business Facilitator: Mr. Shashi Bhattarai (Consultant, infoDev)

Session II: Financial Aspects Facilitator: Ms. Ritu Pradhan Malla (Sr. Investment Manager, Business Oxygen Pvt. Ltd.)

Session III: Nepal Experience: Investment Pitching Facilitators: Mr. Ashish Adhikari (Founder, RedMud Coffee) and Mr. Tyler McMahon (Consultant, SmartPaani).

Session IV: Positioning your Business in Agriculture Facilitator: Mr. Neeraj Nepali (Consultant World Bank, infoDev)


There were no sessions, only guidance from the mentors. The participants worked on presentation for pitching their business on finale.


The participants alongside NEHUB team travelled back to Kathmandu. They pitched their idea in front of a panel of judges

  1. Aarniko Raj Bhandari (Managing Director, Nepal Dairy)
  2. Siddhant Raj Pandey (CEO, Business Oxygen Pvt. Ltd.)
  3. Shabnam Shivakoti (Program Director, Ministry of Agriculture Development- Post Harvest Management)

To acknowledge and felicitate the winners and the top teams of agriBusiness BootCamp 2017, an Award Gala was held on 27th April 2017, at Hotel Yak & Yeti, Kathmandu after the final pitching session at SAP Falcha, Kathmandu. The Gala event commenced at 05:15 PM as Mr. Hempal Shrestha (Co-Founder, NEHUB) was the host of the event. Mr. Shrestha initiated the event by welcoming all the distinguished guests and participants at the Award Gala. After a brief welcome speech, Ms. Deepa Shakya (Consultant, NEHUB) presented about NEHUB and various activities that it engages itself in to foster the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the country.

Mr. Karmath Dangol (Co-Founder, NEHUB) presented about “agriBusiness BootCamp 2017 Journey” reminiscing the past six (6) months. Mr. Dangol thanked all the stakeholders including The World Bank infoDev for supporting a unique initiative for the first time in the World.

Mr. Dangol then invited Ms. Ellen Olafsen, (Program Coordinator, World Bank Group Trade & Competitiveness) to talk on “World Bank infoDev – Supporting Innovation & Entrepreneurship “. Ms. Olafsen stated that agriBusiness BootCamp 2017, was the first initiative by World Bank infoDev group to promote agribusiness entrepreneurship & innovation. Pleased by the success of agriBusiness BootCamp 2017, Ms. Olafsen stated that agriBusiness BootCamp 2017 was a perfect launching pad for agribusinesses not just in Nepal but throughout the World for independent agriculture. Mr. Brijendra Rochan Joshi (Co-founder NEHUB), then called upon the top 10 teams of agriBusiness BootCamp 2017 for the final presentation. The top 10 Teams of agriBusiness BootCamp 2017 were:

Shree Kalika BM Agro Production Kanchanjunga Organic Orthodox Tea Industry Quest for Progress Pvt. Ltd Aadhunik Krishi Tatha Jaadibuti Byabasaik Firm Himalayan Organic Garden
Ecoplates Fresh Hygienic Food Tatopani ko Rosemary Manakamana Agro Organic Fertilizer Pvt. Ltd Sagar Bee Keeping Industry

After the announcement of the top 10 Teams, Mr. Phuyal (Co-Founder, NEHUB) presented the certificates to the participants of agriBusiness BootCamp 2017. The winners were as follows:

  1. Shree Kalika BM Agro Production
  2. Kanchanjunga Organic Orthodox Tea Industry
  3. Quest for Progress

The certificates to the top 3 Teams were provided by Mr. Arniko Rajbhandary (Managing Director, Nepal Dairy), Ms. Shabnam Shivakoti (Program Director, Ministry of Agricultural Development – Post Harvest Management Directorate) and Mr. Siddhant Raj Pandey (CEO, Business Oxygen Pvt. Ltd) respectively. The felicitation of the winners marked the official closure of the program.


Mr. Siddhant Raj Pandey
Mr. Siddhant Raj Pandey
Ms. Shabnam Shivakoti
Ms. Shabnam Shivakoti
Mr. Arniko Rajbhandary
Mr. Arniko Rajbhandary


Saurabh Rijal
Saurabh Rijal
Abhishek Dhakal
Abhishek Dhakal
Kashyap Shakya
Kashyap Shakya
Shashi Bhattrai
Shashi Bhattrai
Pravin Raj Joshi
Pravin Raj Joshi
Jiwan Prava Lama
Jiwan Prava Lama
Neeraj Nepali
Neeraj Nepali
Jim Thaller
Jim Thaller
Aashish Adhikari
Aashish Adhikari
Abhaya Gorkhali
Abhaya Gorkhali
Ms Deepa Shakya
Ms Deepa Shakya
Ms Ritu Pradhan Malla
Ms Ritu Pradhan Malla
Mr. Tyler McMahon
Mr. Tyler McMahon
Mr. Suman Shakya
Mr. Suman Shakya
Co Founder
Ravi Phuyal
Ravi Phuyal
Co Founder
Hempal Shrestha
Hempal Shrestha
Co Founder
Brijendra R Joshi
Brijendra R Joshi
Co Founder



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