Nepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub is dedicated to nurture entrepreneurship, support startup communities, contribute towards a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem and facilitate investment in budding, small and medium enterprises. Started as a loose network of like-minded individuals in late 2012, Nepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub (NEHUB) took shape as a not for profit company in 2015. The network had by then organized eight Startup Weekend Kathmandu events, five Spark Talk Series / meetups and many mentoring / coaching sessions. NEHUB will explore collaboration within Nepal and abroad with agencies and organizations that seek similar stimulation and growth of entrepreneurship in any way possible.


A registered organization became necessary as additional volunteer work and requests required formal processes and documentations to be carried out. NEHUB believes entrepreneurs will be the driving force of economic development of Nepal. Innovation and technology will be the backbo neof the transformation that takes place at local communities. It will seek to actively work as an umbrella organization for these communities while empowering them to become leaders, create more employment, becoming investment ready and gain prosperity. 



Brijendra R Joshi, IT Professional, has 12 years of work and entrepreneurial experience with multiple startups in IT. He is a co-founder/Chief Operating Officer at Rooster Logic, an ICT company that works with big data and focuses on Research and Monitoring. He is Co-Founder, Nepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub that organizes Startup Weekend Kathmandu.


Hempal Shrestha, IT Professional, has over 15 years of experience in IT industry, tech startups, social development, and legal sector. He is the Chair of Research and Development Committee at the Federation of Computer Association of Nepal and co-founder of FOSS Nepal Community.


Karmath Dangol is an Entrepreneur and a IT Professional with two decades of experience in tech industry and startups both in Nepal and USA. His passion for entrepreneurship has led him Co-Found Nepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub (NeHub). NeHub is dedicated to nurturing entrepreneurship, support startup communities, contribute towards a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem and facilitate investment in budding, small and medium enterprises. While in the US, he Co-Founded NextAction.net (acquired by datalogix.com and now part of Oracle ), a direct marketing company that provides a cooperative database for catalog acquisition marketing. He pioneered and lead Internet Marketing Solutions team at eBay. He also helped Quantitative Marketing team at Google Inc. as a consultant. Currently, Karmath is Vice President of Engineering at CloudFactory.com. CloudFactory is a crowdsourcing company based in Nepal working towards creating meaningful work for 1 million people.


Ravi Phuyal is a Serial Entrepreneur working at the intersection of technology, education, and entrepreneurship in Nepal. He is the Director of Innovate Nepal Group, an investment and holding company that runs internationally acclaimed qualifications in Nepal through its growing and expanding affiliates; Islington College, Herald College, Maryland College Biratnagar, Informatics College Pokhara and Ithari international College, Ithari. Ravi also leads on tech and innovation agenda of Local Interventions Group, an award winning civic innovation non-profit with its presence in London, England and Kathmandu, Nepal – innovating on cutting edge GIS and crowdsourcing platforms across policy sectors.


Mr. Suman Shakya is a consultant, entrepreneur and a trainer. He is one of the Co - Founder of Nepal Entrepreneurs' Hub which fosters entrepreneurial ecosystem to build Nepal as an economically empowered nation. He is the Managing Director of smartPaani, a private company that provides sustainable water management solutions in Nepal. He is also a co - founder of Rooster Logic, a technology company that enables organizations to make decisions based evidence. Both these companies are award winning companies.


Nepal Engineers Association Business Incubation Centre

NEABIC is an initiative of Nepal Engineers Association with the mission to catalyze and grow sustainable businesses by supporting Engineers set up businesses to become job creators rather than job seekers ....

Tribhuvan University Institute Of Engineering

IOE was established with a vision to provide premier engineering education institution at par with world class role models ....

Applied Value

Applied Value helps to develop a successful marketing communication that have a positive impact on client's business. It helps organization recognize its potential, set progressive and reachable goals, and define a new level of success ....

Kathmandu University Business Incubation Centre

KUBIC was established with a mission to facilitate and support high potential ideas from Students/ Researchers/Individual Inventors into products and business ....

Islington College

Islington College is an autonomous private education institution dedicated to excellent academic performance and student experience. Established in 1997, the college has had nearly a couple of decades long experience in providing quality and industry-ready IT ....


Effect.Org is working to fight global issues such as poverty by reshaping the luck of millions of illiterate children with the power of education. We are especially passionate about women empowerment and community involvement. Effect.org is incredibly unique in the non-profit space ....


After the massive earthquake Nepal Rises was one of the first volunteer ran organization that mobilized relief supplies after the earthquake. We are now on a mission to provide permanent classrooms for schools with safe clean drinking water. We need your help!


Established in August 1993, the School, popularly known as KUSOM, was the first school to launch graduate program in Kathmandu University and also the first one to initiate MBA program in the country based on internationally.

Brihaspati VidyaSadan School

Brihaspati VidyaSadan School, was established in 1985 AD. Since then it has grown to become one of the best schools in Nepal. Brihaspati, the name, is derived from Brihaspati, the Hindu Teacher of the Gods. VidyaSadan means place of learning. So the School’s name literally means the place of learning of Brihaspati. Our school is located in Naxal, Kathmandu, Nepal within the Balmandir compound and occupies over 160,000 sq.m of area (30 ropanis) ....

Think Ink

Think Ink is an open platform that enables young and old learners to acquire necessary understanding and basic orientation to engage in critical thinking assisted problem solving approach. In the process it is expected that their hidden creativity will be kindled for fueling up innovative ideas.. Conventional teaching methodology can only produce average students who lack real interest in learning and understanding. It does not expose them to ‘critical thinking’ where ....

Gandaki College of Engineering And Science

The Gandaki College of Engineering and Science (GCES) is an independent non-profit institution co-located with the Gandaki Boarding School (GBS) campus in Lamachaur, Pokhara-16. Pokhara have the modest climate all the years round and refreshing panoramic view of the snow-capped Himalayas in the front. In 1998, with the genuine effort of Dr.P.V.Chandy, the then Principal of GBS/GCES, GCES was founded as an extension to GBS with the approval of the GBS board and the United Mission to Nepal (UMN). It is managed by the U.M.N. G.B.S. G.C.E.S. Public Education Trust. It is affiliated to the Pokhara University (PU) and compiles with the PU semester system and examination procedures .....

Business Oxygen Pvt.Ltd

Business Oxygen (BO2) is part of IFC’s SME Ventures initiative of USD 50 million, which supports the creation of risk capital funds in fragile, frontier, and post-conflict markets. With four funds covering six countries, SME Ventures is expanding to new markets where the need for risk capital remains high and potential for growth makes private equity an effective market solution.

National College

National College is the only college in South Asia to introduce Bachelor in Development Studies (BDevS), Bachelor in Development Finance (BDFin) and Bachelor of Social Sciences (BoSS) programs for the first time.