agriBusiness BootCamp 2017

February 12, 2017

About This Event

Have you got what it takes to take Nepalese agri Business Sector to next level.

With a view to promote Agri Business entrepreneurship and innovation in Nepal, Nepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub (NEHUB) is organized agriBusiness BootCamp 2017. The one-of-its kind event was held in Kathmandu during the month of March and April. The BootCamp was an intensive weeklong training/mentoring program designed for existing entrepreneurs involved in agriBusiness as well as startups.

The sessions helped selected entrepreneurs grow from existence to sustainability and scale as well as startups to transfer ideas from mind to market – with a plan for financial returns. The Bootcamp was a complete package that included specialized talks, meetups, workshops, training and mentoring designed for existing enterprises and new ideas as well.

NEHUB utilized an innovative and multi-funneling approach to screen and shortlist applicants to feed them to the agriBusiness BootCamp 2017. A focused event "Speed Dating" was held whereby 20 established businesses with the best agriBusiness acumen was selected from a top pool after rigorous

interview and evaluation for the BootCamp. Also, agri Starup Weekend Kathmandu 2017 which was held for new/startup enterprises and individuals and the best 5 ideas from the weekend were selected and shortlisted.