"Employee to Entrepreneurship - Shift in Gear"

Lalit Basnet - Jul 7, 2017

The evolution of Burger from a “Recession Food” to a “Comfort Food” has been substantial, and the growing number of fast food restaurants in every nooks and corners of Kathmandu serving this delicacy justifies the mean. But amidst this, creating her own unique identity is Ms. Shital Hamal who has been operating and managing Tasty Bites Burger for over a year. Tasty Bites Burger has been serving fresh fast food, especially burgers infused with authentic Nepali taste. Chicken Burger, Chicken Sandwich and Chatamari Pizza are some of the best sellers of Tasty Bites Burger. The place is located at Panipokhari, Kathmandu and caters to customers around the area from 11am to 6 pm in the evening.

Validating the statement “Self Confidence is the foundation of all great success and achievement”, Ms. Shital Hamal, a resident from Kavre, Watling arrived at Kathmandu six years ago seeking to fly abroad in search of better job opportunities. Fortunate to have had the experience of Barista training during her stay in the capital, she started having second thoughts about going abroad for employment. Her experience at a popular coffee shop fuelled the passion of entrepreneurship inside her. Wanting to start her own venture, Tasty Bites Burger came into existence in the year 2016 AD.

It is often said that “The hardest part of Startups is Starting out”, so despite having limited access to finance, she started Tasty Bites Burgers through loans from her family members. Being a young woman entrepreneur, the hurdles that she had to overcome during the initial phases were grueling. “Having to manage for an appropriate place in the city, contacting the suppliers and arranging for the essential resources were most difficult” she recalls.Despite her initial struggles, Ms. Hamal has now been able to establish Tasty Bites Burger as a fast food cafe in Panipokhari with regular and repeated footfalls. village who have come to Kathmandu in search for better job opportunity.

With increasing number of customers and daily sales accounting to four figures, Ms.Hamal has been thinking of expanding her business and employing women from her. Realizing that youths are the backbone of a country, she urges her fellow youths to contribute towards country's economy “Our brother and sisters abroad must return home and implement the skills that they have acquired to contribute towards our country's economy".

This is an untold story of an enterprising women from Karve, gearing up to put a mark in the circle of entrepreneurs. Next time, if you are strolling around Panipokhari area and want to treat yourself with tasty bites, look out for the Tasty Bites Burger.