September 12, 2016

About This Event

Do you have a business idea? Ready to start a business but worried about how? Concerned about its impact on the environment? To connect, discover, learn and start…here’s where you can set off.

WWF Nepal with the Nepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub (NEHUB) bring to you the Greenovation Startup Challenge (GSC) 2016 that seeks to nurture entrepreneurship ideas linked to an environmental cause in young and passionate entrepreneurs and startup communities.

GSC believes in promoting socially responsible entrepreneurship and welcomes participation from diverse sectors offering you a once-in-a-lifetime experience to turn your green business idea into a reality. It provides you a platform in transforming your innovative ideas, from a concept to a performing enterprise, and assists you in the initial set up of your own business.

The Process

GSC will conduct preliminary sessions to build a common understanding on key entrepreneurship and green enterprise principles. This will be conducted through 3 Spark Talks and 2 Meet Ups over a one-month period, and include topics like Green Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship, Pitching, Customer Development and Lean Design, Business Model Canvas and ThinkDesign.
This will lead to a 54-hour Startup Weekend full of energy, hard work, inspiration, mentoring and motivation for selected candidates on 18-20 November 2016.
The top three ideas from the Startup Weekend will receive a seed money of Rs. 150,000* each for the respective enterprise. The winning candidates will receive two mentoring and guiding sessions* from NEHUB for setting up the business after the event.

If you feel this is your turf, do apply right away to GSC 2016. The deadline for application is Wednesday, 21 September 2016. The sessions start from 20 October 2016.


Nepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub is dedicated to nurture entrepreneurship, support startup communities, contribute towards a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem and facilitate investment in budding, small and medium enterprises. Started as a loose network of like-minded individuals in late 2012, Nepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub (NE HUB) took shape as a not for profit company in 2015


NEHUB will be an apex organisation that develops and promotes entrepreneurship making Nepal an economically empowered nation.


To nurture, support and accelerate startup community and companies, engage government agencies and foster vibrant investment and entrepreneurial ecosystem by organizing events, providing coaching and funding opportunities.


Welcome new ideas and respect risk takers and changemakers.
Open to critisism and impovement.
Compassionate towards gender and the marginalized.
Team Work
Believe in peer support and improved performance.
Act with trust and integrity.


Nepal Entrepreneurs' Hub has held more than 20 events across Kathmandu and Pokhara for people who want to make their ideas achievable and make their dreams a reality.
Over 1500 people have been involved in our programs which include Startup Weekend, Spark Mentoring, Spark Impact & Spark Talk and Meetups.
Over 50 coaches who are excellent at what they do are there to give their guidance to make sure you take the right pathway.
More than 40 companies and organizers have agreed to give a hand to help nurture entrepreneurship for just starting out entrepreneurs.


Startup Weekend
The hardest part of starting up is starting out.
 At Startup Weekend, you'll be immersed in the ideal environment for startup magic to happen.

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Spark Talk & Meetups
We host regular talks and meetups with International experts and investors who shares their personal and technical experiences. These events also provides an opportunity for our community to get together for an incredible experience of inspiration, learning and sharing.

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Spark Mentoring
Great startup starts and ends with building trusting entrepreneurial relationships and mentoring. We have mentors in form of company/organization or an Individual who are always willing to provide advice and guidance to whoever needs it.

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Spark Impact
Spark Impact is a hackathon created by NeHub based on Startup Weekend to help social ventures and activities. It happens in one weekend and brings international creative people from top tech companies like Google and Salesforce together to collaborate with top local talents and nonprofit organization on social impact topics.

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Greenovation Startup Challenge

Do you have a business idea? Ready to start a business but worried about how? Concerned about its impact on the environment? To connect, discover, learn and start…here’s where you can set off.