"Harvesting the Fragrance of Entrepreneurship"

“My father's admiration towards the bestowed beauty of nature and his hobby of collecting flowers, implanted the seed Nursery culture in Nepal in the early 70s”, stated Mr. Dinesh Shrestha, owner of the Standard Nursery. His indulgence into floriculture drove him to pursue his further studies in ornamental horticulture in the States. Standard Nursery is one of the oldest nurseries of the country, situated in a beautiful landscape in Bansbari, Kathmandu.

After his graduation, despite getting opportunities abroad, Mr. Shrestha returned back home to give colors to his father's creation. According to him, the initial challenges were quote daunting with the issues of unavailable resources, unsupportive government regulations, lack of market research and technology.

Mr. Dinesh put forth tremendous effort to sustain the nursery and it only came into proper existence with its registration in the year 1992 AD. He feels “There is no substitute for hard work”. The Standard Nursery has reached new heights with 20 employees working at the nursery. His revenue this year has rounded up to seven digits. Aiming for more, he wants to further expand his business. 

"To have an in-depth knowledge, to learn from failures and to stay hungry are some of the traits that an entrepreneur these days must have" states Mr. Shrestha. His particular advice to youths into floriculture is that "There are tremendous untapped resources on floriculture in Nepal, the opportunity to excel in this particular area is huge. Proper research backed with key technical expertise would be the perfect recipe for the success."

If you do want to add, a little fragrance to your routine life, do visit The Standard Nursery for some refreshment and relaxing day. The ambiance is just what you are looking for when the pollution in the city wears your day off.