“Success is not instant, continual focus, dedication and perseverance eventually leads an entrepreneur to drive prosperous enterprise” declaimed Ms. Chandra Kala Dhamala, owner of Dhamala Dairy Pvt. Ltd. Originally from Okhaldunga district, Ms. Dhamala and her husband came to Kathmandu in the year 2060 BS with their dream to live in the capital city. After getting married to her husband, Mr. Deepak Dhamala in the year 2058 BS, she convinced her husband to forfeit his job in gulf region and return home to start something of their own. The couple with minimum savings and maximum courage decided to open Dhamala Dairy.

With monthly sales accounting to four figures, Dhamala Dairy has proved that with zealous hard work and dedication, one can reap the rewards of resources that lies in every sector of the country. Currently on the verge of scaling her business, Ms. Dhamala is in lookout for space in Bhaktapur area where she can operate her dairy industry.“Perfection in any field is not possible, learning is always continuous, and I request my fellow sisters to contribute their time to the field of their interest. Women do have a say in the society and the time has come for us to grow out of the shell and showcase our true potential” states Ms. Dhamala.

A firm believer of the saying “Employees are the greatest asset of the company”, Ms. Dhamala calls her four full time staffs the four pillars of her company. Not only her employees, she also takes good care of her suppliers, who supplies her dairy with around five hundred liters of milk, daily from Kavre district. Similarly, she has been providing employment opportunities to farmers from Kavre district.

She urges women to contribute in the economic development of the nation. Having a keen interest in the current economic development of the nation, she also urges the Government to provide platforms for women in rural areas to showcase their talents which would help to contribute to the prosperous future of the nation.