We host regular talks and meetups with International experts and investors who shares their personal and technical experiences. These events also provides an opportunity for our community to get together for an incredible experience of inspiration, learning and sharing.

Spark Talk & Meetups 15th Series “International Trends in Business Incubation”

Spark Talk & Meetups | The Power of Social Media Nepal Entrepreneurs' Hub organized its flagship event, Spark Talk and Meetups: 15th Series on 27th June 2017. The topic of discussion was "International Trends in Business Incubation" by Mr. Julian Webb, Business Incubation Consultant for World Bank infoDev. The program shed light on recent developments and trends in the entrepreneurial ecosystem internationally along with impact of Accelerator programs, Coworking Spaces and Incubators. Similarly, he stressed the importance of university based entrepreneurial programs, arts of incubation being practised in developing nations, challenges & Prospects for entrepreneur in Nepal, importance of Bootstrapping for entrepreneur.

SparkTM 13 | The Power of Social Media

Spark Talk & Meetups | The Power of Social MediaNepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub organized Spark Talk & Meetups 13: The Power of Social Media. The event was held at Nepal Innovation Lab, Lagankhel, Mr. Dorje Mckinnon from New Zealand was the speaker of the program.More Info

SparkTM 12 | Augmented and Virtual Reality

Spark Talk & Meetups | Augmented and Virtual RealityA Live Streaming event took place of VLab(short for Venture Lab) from the San Francisco Bay Area. The discussion taking place was regarding the future of way we perceive the world. Prominent speakers took part in the exciting panel discussion.More Info

SparkTM 11 | Chatbots

Spark Talk & Meetups | ChatbotsVLab(short for Venture Lab) is the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the MIT Enterprise Forum, a global non-profit organization dedicated to connecting Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurs, industry experts, venture capitalists, private investors and technologists.More Info

SparkTM 10 | Intel

Spark Talk & Meetups | IntelDwayne shared his thoughts on how and what kind of mentality a just starting out entrepreneur should have when it comes to his or her business and the people they work with.More Info

SparkTM 9 | Crowdfunding

Spark Talk & Meetups | CrowdfundingThe key speakers for this event were Ms. Hong Sin Kwek who is Founder of Crowdfunding Asia, Mr. Mark Sears who is Founder of CloudFactory, Mr. Saroj K Ghimire who is an advocate of The Supreme Court of Nepal and Partner at Pradhan, Ghimire & Associates.More Info

SparkTM 8 | Containers and Kubernetes

Spark Talk & Meetups | Containers and KubernetesContainers are at the forefront of a new wave of technology innovation but the methods for scheduling and managing them at scale are nascent and still under development. Turns out that Google have been scheduling and managing containers for some time nowMore Info

SparkTM 7 | Excelling on Excel

Spark Talk & Meetups | Excelling on ExcelMarc has ten years of experience in diverse fields of financial analysis, working for medium to large companies, mainly in the international entertainment industry. With an expertise in budgets, forecasts, process optimization, business plans and business models, he provides valuable strategic advice to decision makers. More Info

SparkTM 6 | Ready to Invest

Spark Talk & Meetups | Ready to InvestMost of the entrepreneurs start a business with the finance from their personal savings or gather from their family and friends. Sometime the finance might not be enough to start their business. This is where Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists can help them. More Info

SparkTM 5 | Interaction with David Campbell

Spark Talk & Meetups | Interaction with David CampbellDetails HereMore Info

SparkTM 4 | Google Tech/Entrepreneurship

Spark Talk and Meetups | Google Tech/EntrepreneurshipAnnouncing 'Google Tech/Entrepreneurship Meetup' on Tuesday July 28, 2015 with friends from Google sharing their experience, insight and vision. Speakers - Scot Frank, Sumier Phalake and Chris Lee.More Info

SparkTM 3 | ICT for renewable energy

Spark Talk and Meetups | ICT for renewable energyWe need to move beyond load shedding apps - Technologists need to see the actually project, community, consumer, specific context.More Info

SparkTM 2 | Perspective on Startup Weekend

SparkImpromptu Spark event to meet up with Startup Weekend Head - Asia More Info

SparkTM 1 | Be Bold

Spark Talk & Meetups | Be BoldA daring 24-old on a unique entrepreneurial journey across the world Andre, who is from the Azores Islands in Portugal, is a dreamer, an entrepreneur, a traveler and an optimist. He loves living a bold life and taking on life’s many challenges.More Info