Sparktalk 8th edition:

Containers and Kubernetes: Taking Virtualization to the Next Level

Date & Time

July 20, 2016
4:45 pm


World Bank office
Hotel Yak & Yeti Complex
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu



1. Mr. Robert Kubis, Senior Developer Advocate at Google Cloud Platform
2. Mr. Bikash Basukala, DevOps Manager at CloudFactory

Speaker Profile:

Robert Kubis
Robert is a Senior Developer Advocate for the Google Cloud Platform based in London, UK, specializing in Container, Storage and Scalable technologies. Before joining Google, Robert collected over 10 years of experience in Software Development and Architecture.

Bikash Basukala (Kaji)
DevOps Engineer passionate about emerging technologies, engineering design & administration of automated web application and software stack deployment technologies (configuration management, automation, monitoring) for the Cloud Computing & SaaS Industry. Currently DevOps Manager at CloudFactory.


Containers & Kubernets, 8th Spark Talk & Meetups series organized by Nepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub took place on 20th July at Islington College. The event was made public 2 days before the event date on NEHUB’s Facebook page, and already more than 100 participants had registered themselves online. On the day of the event, large number of additional un-registered participants showed up and fortunately, the management team was able to fit everyone comfortably. The key speakers for this event were Robert Kubis and Bikas Basukala.

The session was hosted by Suman Shakya, Director at NEHUB. Mr. Basukala gave gave a short but highly informative presentation on scaling CI with Docker. Robert Kubis then started his presentation on Containers and Kubernetes. He went on to explain how these containers are were a good alternative to the widely used Docker. His slides gave an idea on how the technology could make online data storing and processing more efficient and how they were different from previous technology. The presentation also included live showcasing of Kubernetes in action. The participants flooded Robert with questions and everyone enjoyed the Q&A session.