Sparktalk 3rd edition:

Identifying Gaps Among Entrepreneurs using ICT for Renewable Energy Project

Date & Time

Feb 14, 2014
2 pm


World Bank office
Hotel Yak & Yeti Complex
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu



Ms. Cecilia P. Guilford
Private sector specialist

Speaker Profile:

Cecilia P. Guilford

Cecilia P. Guilford is a private sector specialist, Innovation and entrepreneurship at World Bank Group. Cecilia P. Guilford provides technical advisory, designs and manages programs at the intersection of technology, open innovation and entrepreneurship to boost inclusive growth and private sector development. Her goal is to help equip youth to effectively participate in the 21st century economy as empowered actors, creative entrepreneurs, and drivers of bottom-up innovation for economic competitiveness and sustainable development. She has worked in North and Subsaharan Africa, South Asia and the Middle East. Her experience prior to the World Bank includes economic development for peacebuilding, business strategy, MSME development and entrepreneurship, and political risk and conflict analysis.