Sparktalk 1st edition:

People Who Are Making Things Happen

Date & Time

April 30, 2014
1:40 pm


World Bank office
Hotel Yak & Yeti Complex
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu



Mr. Andre Leonardo
TV Presenter & Author at Faz Acontecer

Speaker Profile:

Mr. Andre Leonardo
A daring 24 year old on a unique entrepreneurial journey across the world Andre, is from the Azores Islands in Portugal, a dreamer, an entrepreneur, a traveler and an optimist. He loves living a bold life and taking on life’s many challenges. He also enjoys talking and thinking about entrepreneurship whilst implementing new ideas and concepts for a better future. Andre believes that entrepreneurship is not a trend but an attitude and a lifestyle.

Incredibly ambitious, Andre is currently living one of the biggest challenges he has ever taken on in life – an entrepreneurship tour to inspire the world. Armed only with a backpack and a camera, this brave heart is traveling several countries around the world to understand and live the stories of entrepreneurial struggle, survival, and success. In this incredible expedition he will share with the world the most inspirational stories from all corners of the globe. Beyond pretty words and tired clichés he wants to delve into how inspiring people are developing projects around the world despite seemingly insurmountable challenges.

This quest, he believes, will get him face-to-face with incredibly motivating people and circumstances. He hopes to share all this with the world in an effort to bring these stories to light, in turn inspiring others to take the leap and live life to the fullest possible.