Startup Weekend Disaster Preparedness and Response

Overview :

Nepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub in embarked upon the entrepreneurial journey of organizing StartUp Weekend Disaster Preparedness and Response with the vision of revamping Nepalese economy post earthquake. Like all international Startup Weekend, the event followed the same basic model consisting of a 54 hours long ecstasy of business model creation, coding, designing, and market validation.


Schedule of the event was :

Meet, Pitch & Team Up

The first day of the event was allotted for the participants to pitch their ideas. Following the pitching session, participants took part in the voting process to cast their votes. Upon the conclusion of voting session 10 teams were formed, the list of these 10 ideas are as follows.

S.No Startup Idea
1 The Responder
2 Keep Nepal in the News
3 Community Act
4 Pictogram Reference Card
5 Bring Tourists Back to Nepal
6 Revolutionary Radio
7 Network for NGO
8 We – Connect
9 Raise Your Voice
10 Start the Conversation

The second day of the weekend was devoted on mentoring from the mentors to validate their business idea. Mentors having an expertise in different domains of business were present throughout the day to help the participants. Day 2 focused on business validation, market research, growth potential, customer validation among others.

Presents & Select

S.N Activity/Session
1 Breakfast Served at the Cafeteria
2 Call for help (this is self motivated, so don’t be shy)
3 Lunch Break
4 Coaches Arrive
5 Gut Check & Presentation Preparation
6 Mock Pitching
7 Final Presentations
8 Judging and Awards
9 Wrap Up followed by Dinner
10 Go Home

The final day focused on the validation and work on towards the final pitch to the panel of judges. Mock pitching session was held in front of mock judges which gave the participants the feel of the final pitch and also provided them with suggestion where they can improve. Participants pitched their idea in front of the jury members at the evening. All ten teams worked thoroughly with their team members and resource persons visiting the available mentors.

The winning ideas were:

  1.       Network For NGO
  2.       Brings Tourist Back to Nepal
  3.       Pictogram Reference Card


Mr Tshering Lama
Mr Tshering Lama
Ms Sumnima Tuladhar
Ms Sumnima Tuladhar
Mr Karmath Dangol
Mr Karmath Dangol
Mr Anil Chitrakar
Mr Anil Chitrakar
Mr. Rupesh Krishna Shrestha
Mr. Rupesh Krishna Shrestha