Startup Weekend Kathmandu: University Edition

Overview :

Startup Weekend Kathmandu: University Edition is the 11th iteration of the event, organized for the first time in Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM).The event organized by Nepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub (NEHUB) in association with Kathmandu University began from November 10, |Friday till November 12, Sunday. The event experienced tremendous participation from 80 university students. The main sponsors for the event was Unilever.

The objective of the 11th iteration of the event was to provide a platform for university level students to transform their innovative ideas into reality and assist in the initial setup of their business.


Meet, Pitch & Team Up

The event formally began on November 10, 2017, Friday which was primarily focused on the idea pitching from the selected participants. The event experienced participation from the 80 students from various universities of Nepal who pitched their individual ideas. The participants voted for the ideas and out of 65 pitched ideas, top 12 ideas were selected for further pitching. The participants formed 12 cross functional teams to work on the selected ideas and prepare to pitch their final business idea on Sunday evening.

The event was initiated by Mr. Suman Shakya, Co-founder of NEHUB, Co-organizer of Startup Weekend 2017. Friday’s session began with basic warm up and accommodation for the participants.

Following Mr. Shakya, Mr. Sixit Bhatta, CEO of Tootle Nepal and the inspirational speaker for the day, spoke how following one’s passion is a step taken in the ladder of being an entrepreneur. Mr. Bhatta began his speech by encouraging the participants to break the rules to innovate. Mr. Bhatta said, “As an entrepreneur, do not follow rules.” Mr. Bhatta further shared his life experiences and shifts in jobs before finally debuting as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship was his way of expressing himself. He comprehensively briefed about the journey as an entrepreneur and also motivated participants to never give up on failures, which they encountered in their journey rather consider it as a great learning opportunity.

The session continued with mock pitch. The main notion behind the pitch was to make participants familiar with pressure, which they have to face in upcoming 54 hours. Mr. Shakya further in the session stimulated to participants to work on their ideas diligently and reshape it to make it commercial. He also explained about the code of conduct of the event and different perks that would be provided to participants for their ideas. Again he repeated the schedule that participants are ought to follow throughout the event for three days.

The main session of the event, pitching ideas started progressively where each participant came up with unique and interesting ideas. They are:

1. Home Away from Home, Biodegradable Sanitary Napkins, Food Truck, Rent-it, Smart Agriculture System, Portable Washing Machine, Ambulance Trace Application, Investomania, Second Hand Book Website, Go-green Recycle Plastic, Chew-ra and Cookie with a cause

Learn & Work

On Saturday, the second day of Startup Weekend , participants were facilitated by mentors from various fields of expertise. Local mentors and domain experts came throughout the event to coach the teams through the planning process. The team detailed their idea into a business plan and presented their ideas in front of the coaches for the feedback and comments.


Mentors provided insights to participants to build their idea more effective and feasible. This session of the day was in fact very fruitful for the participants. They came across different things to be considered while presenting their unique ideas. The mentors were given a schedule to ensure that each team got to meet the mentors and the interaction was free from interruption.

Mock Presentation

Mentoring continued the next day as well. On Sunday morning mentors, Debesh Lal Pradhan and Rajiv Sharma, facilitated the participants from 8am to 12am .

The later phase of the last day of event started from the final pitching of ideas by top twelve teams in front of panel of judges. Twelve teams with varying business ideas presented their startup idea to the list of judges which included: a. Jay Maharjan, Scholar, University of Southern California b. Kishore Maharjan, Former CEO, Civil Bank c. Pranaya Hada, Marketing Head, Unilever Nepal Limited

All those unique ideas were appreciated by judges. The ideas were judged on the basis of business model, customer validation, execution and prototype. After rigorous discussion among the panel of judges, three teams were nominated as winners starting from smart agriculture holding 3rd position, Flavored Chew-ra holding 2nd place and lastly Rani Biodegradable Sanitary Napkins winning the entire competition.

On the occasion, Registrar and Dean of Kathmandu University opined that these sort of events motivate students to startup their own business and this has a significant role in economic development of our nation. All the participants were encouraged to work on their ideas and participate in upcoming Hult prize at KU, Dhulikhel. Finally after having the grand dinner, startup event was wrapped up.



The top three winning ideas in Startup Weekend Kathmandu: University Edition were:

  1. Biodegradable Sanitary Pads by Shambhavi Singh

The idea is to develop environment friendly sanitary napkins as sustainable choices for women.

  1. Flavored Chew-ra by Samayee Dhungel

The idea is to manufacture beaten rice in different flavors and position as a cheaper substitute to other imported breakfast cereals.

III. Smart Agriculture System by Prajan Shrestha

The idea is based on IOT system which uses sensors to monitor values and send those information to the internet that can be accessed from smartphone.


Pranaya Hada
Pranaya Hada
Kishore Maharjan
Kishore Maharjan
Jay Maharjan
Jay Maharjan