Rise of Marico Bakery

Lalit Basnet - Jul 28, 2017

The month of Shrawan is regarded as one of the holiest month in Hinduism. Devotees from around the country flood temples to offer prayers to the almighty, and temple side eateries are often filled with devotees. Moving on from traditional “Jerry, Swari” to modern bakery cafe and tapping into the “holy-market” in Budhanilkantha, is Marico Bakery Cafe

Established in the year 2014 AD, the bakery after having gone through initial hurdles is on a rise and is one of the popular eateries in the area.This is the story of Ms. Usmita Paneru (owner of Marico Bakery Cafe) who hails from Gorkha district. Having had the experience of working in a renowned bakery cafe, she took the risk to open her own bakery and today she is glad that she took that leap of faith.

For all aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to venture out in their own voyage of entrepreneurship, Ms. Paneru urges them to develop the feeling of love and respect towards their field of interest. She states that “Procrastination is one of the biggest enemy of youth entrepreneurs and one must learn to prioritize work accordingly”. Voicing her concerns regarding others copying her business, she states that “Entrepreneurs and risks are the two things that goes hand in hand, but people in our society fail to recognize the importance of creativity and tend to choose the easy way out by replicating similar business models”.

Reminicating her initial financial woes, Ms. Paneru also pleads for support from Government of Nepal to aspiring entrepreneurs. “ Entrepreneurs in its most raw form can be abundantly found in the rural areas of the country”, states Ms. Paneru. In this day and age where disruptive innovation is the talk of the town, little does a city dweller know the creative disruption happening in rural parts of our country.

Standing true to the phrase “Be brave, take risks, nothing can substitute experience - Paulo Coelho” Ms. Paneru despite having attained only Higher Secondary Examinations, hosts intellectual people in her cafe who come in for their favourite sip of coffee whilst indulging in their favourite books. So, if you happen to visit Budhanilkantha Temple during the holy month of Shrawan do visit Marico Bakery Cafe for your favourite coffee.