Spark Mentoring

Spark Mentoring is a mentorship program organized by NEHUB for entrepreneurs, startups and companies, where they can discuss their issues, learn and seek expert advice from experienced mentors and take their product and services to next level.


You’re more likely to succeed with a mentor

Research and surveys prove that having a mentor is important to success. Your chances of success in life and in business can be amplified by having the right mentor. The valuable connections, timely advice, occasional checks together with the spiritual and moral guidance you will gain from having a mentor will literary leapfrog you to success


A mentor gives you reassurance.

It has been proven by research that a quality mentor-ship has a powerful positive effect on young entrepreneurs. Having someone who practically guides you and shares your worries with you — often placating your fears with their years of experience keeps you reassured that you’ll be successful. Self-confidence is very important to success as entrepreneurs. Mentors have the capacity to help young founders tap into their self-confidence and see every challenge as an opportunity.



A good mentor is direct yet supportive.

It’s no use if a mentor softens his language to make you feel good about yourself. A good mentor is direct yet supportive. Even difficult messages can be delivered in a supportive way. The best mentors offer practical, timely advice and encourage you to take action. This tendency towards candor is so important because as an entrepreneur you have limited time to get your company off the ground and reach profitability and long-term growth.

Mentored Companies :