May 18, 2017

Meet The Teams

Shree Kalika B M Agro

With an official motto of "स्वस्थ खाना, दीर्घजीवन हाम्रो चाहना" Shree Kalika B M Agro was Established on the year 2069 B.S. Renowned for its "टिम्मुरको छोप" Shree Kalika B M Agro is a family operated business. Prioritizing quality over quantity Mr. Laxman Paudel proprietor of Shree Kalika B M Agro supplies spices and its related product to Butwal, Rupandehi, Pokhara and Kathmandu city.

Kanchanjunga Organic Orthodox Tea Industry

Kanchanjunga Organic Orthodox Tea Industry has been manufacturing and selling, Organic Orthodox Tea in National and International market. At present it is associated with more than 300 Organic Tea farmers from 10 VDC including 2 co- operatives and providing fair prices to the farmers for their green leaves. It has been producing various categories of tea which includes Green Tea, White Tea, Golden Tea, Black Tea and Silver Needle Tea. The organic tea produced in the industry is mainly exported to Taiwan, Russia, USA, Thailand and India. In domestic market it is produces tea under the brand of "Sakhejung Tea" .

Quest for Progress

Quest for Progress started operating its business from 2014 with Mushroom Farming and marketing Mushroom Pickles but later produces 12 varieties of seasonal pickles which was supplied to renowned hotels like Dwarika's, Hyatt, and Summit Hotels. Recently they have started selling Kailali Agro products like rice, pulse, buckwheat, beans, red rice, directly to households through personal contacts.

Aadhunik Krishi Tatha Jaadibutti Byabasaik Firm

Aadhunik Krishi Tatha Jaadibutti Byabasaik Firm is a high income generating group and specializes on Tissue Culture of Banana. It is multi product which makes various items of food and uses it. It makes Nepali Paper and Clothes by banana trees. Established on the year 20170 BS, Top Lal BK the properiotor of Aadhunik Krishi Tatha Jaadibutti Byabasik Firm employs 10 permanent employees and they market their products to West and Far West region of Nepal.

Himalayan Organic Garden

Himalayan Organic Garden is located at Paikot, Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu. It grows organic vegetables, salads, local eggs and milk. The garden has a conference hall (accommodating 30 person) for meeting, training made up with local materials. It also offers Organic Nepali Dish with Nepali instrumental music in the evening.


Ecoplates a Startup Idea, circumfers around the concept of using "सुपारी" (beetle nut) to produce different disposable utensils. Beetle nut is abundantly found in Terai Region especially in Jhapa. Ecoplates plans to produce attractive, disposable and eco-friendly utensils and market it to restaurants around Kathmandu. Ecoplates would be a perfect substitute for Leaf-plates used by Street Vendors around Kathmandu.

Fresh Hygienic Food

Established in the year 2009 AD, registered duly in all the concerned bodies of The Government of Nepal, Fresh Hygienic Food has been producing and distributing meat products in the market. Now, they have their own mini slaughter slab (meat processing center) and has been operating under the name of Frozen Meat. The center has the facility of electric stunning which can render the swine unconscious within 15 seconds before bedding it out. Currenlty they are dealing mostly with pork and lambs. They supply meat throughout country to wholesalers as individual customers.

Tatopani Ko Rosemary

A startup idea "Tatopani Ko Rosemary" circumfers around the idea of processing Rosemary. The ideator of Tatopani Ko Rosemary Mrs. Usha Thapa Magar has 30 years of experience of working in High End restaurants of Kathmandu. Identifying the potential of Rosemary in such restaurants, Mrs. Magar plans to supply processed Rosemarys in these restaurants. Having had established connection in China she also plans on exporting Rosemarys to China.

Manakamana Agro Organic Fertilizer Pvt. ltd

Manakamana Agro Organic Fertilizer Pvt. ltd is located in Ratna Nagar, Chitwan. Its production includes materials such as Organic Fertilizer and Organic Pesticides. Currently it leverages Japanese Technology to produce fertilizer and it is sold in 9 Districts namely, Jhapa, Dhankuta, Chitwan, Bhaktapur, Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Palpa, Kailali and Kaski.

Sagar Bee Keeping Industry

Sagar Bee Keeping Industry is a co-owned firm of 5 individuals, who currently run it. They currently produce at about 2 tons of Honey per annum and distribute it to markets throughout the country. They plan to scale their business and produce at about 5 tons of Honey in the coming years. They also plan to establish their own Honey Refining Center.

Bhairav Temple Eco Organic Firm

Bhairav Temple Eco Organic Firm was established in the year 2073, Jestha 18. The firm is located in Bhairavsthan, Palpa and is manged by three partners. It focuses on organic production mainly herbs & spices such as Turmeric, Chilly, Lemon, Seasonal Vegetables & Fruits. It uses organic compost from earthworm, animal manure to cultivate their product. In addition it has also started Goat and Buffalo farming for meat and milk for the hotel & resort. The firm is managed by 7 permanent staffs and 5 temporary staffs.

Taja Fruit Ripening Center

A Startup Idea "Taja Fruit Ripening Center" plans to establish processing center to use both traditional and new technical methods to process, package and distribute fresh vegetables to supermarkets in and around Kathmandu Valley.

Himalayan Tea Twigs & Traders

Himalayan Tea Twigs & Traders is a sole company established five years ago by a Tea Farmer from Illam. Its outlet is situated in Maharajgunj, Kathmandu. The company deals with Nepali products like Tea, Ghee, Hard Cheese, Aakbare Khursani, and other spices and herbal teas. It sells these products both on Wholesale as well as Retail market. It specializes on teas including Green Tea, Black Tea, Silver Tips, Oolong, Golden Tips and more. The concept of opening HTT&T outlet came to promote production of Tea Farmers themselves avoiding middlemen.

Swagat Dalmoth Udhyog

Swagat Dalmoth a partnership firm brings in their required materials like Daal,Oil, Beaten Rice from local parties in Bhairawa and Birjung for their production. They then fry them together, mix spices and sell it to markets in Pokhara, Parbat, Khairenitar, Duleguda, Syajya, Beni and Bhimad. It initiated to supply their products to the designated markets through their own delivery van. In case of second party delivery and delivery charge is beared by these parties themselves. They have their fair share of market in Pokhara.

Khetalo Agro Ventures

Khetalo Agro Ventures is a startup ( and a blog) dedicated for agriculture and environment. It aims to provide a value based service with a reliable technical assistance for growing, producing and / or selling organic agricultural products. It focuses on urban / vertical farming and also produces food supplements. Till now it has been producing only veg pickles but in future it plans produce non-veg pickles as well.

Tikli Gachi Falful Krishak Udhyog

Tikli Gachi Falful Krishak Udhyog which was established in the year 2073 BS by Mr. Dhaluram Majhi, an experienced lemon farmer who has been in lemon farming for the past 20 years. It started initially with 2 "Gachis" but now has expanded over an area of 1618 sq.m. Along side producing lemons, it also sells lemon plants and lemon pickles to the surrounding area.

Him Shrinkhala Jaiwik Krishi Udhyog

Prior to registering an official firm, the owner was unable to reach market, so Mr. Govinda Raj Giri decided to register Him Shrinkhala Jaiwik Krishi Udhyog in the year 2066 BS. After registering the company Mr. Giri gradually gained market. It initially supplied Green Coffee Beans, Roaster Beans to cafes in Kathmandu, Banepa and Dhulikhel. Gradually the demand for coffee gained momentum now Him Shrinkhala Jaiwik Udhyog supplies coffee to international market including South Korea. The coffee is grown in altitudes of Sindhupalchowk District.

Radha Krishna Gai Bhainshi Farm

Radha Krishna Gai Bhaishi Farm came into existence 2 years back when the disastrous Earthquake rattled our country. Sanjeev Shrestha a BBA student established the farm but since its establishment, it has witnessed growth in the local Dairy market. The farm currently has 8 buffaloes and 2 cows. The Farm re utilizes the current waste products by rearing rabbits and goats. It has also started vegetable farming from the last year.

Pathak Dairy Industry

Pathak Dairy Industry commenced in the year 2062 BS. Mr. Prem Prakash Pathak delivers 3 Kilo Liters of milk to Mahendranagar, Kanchanjunga on a daily basis. Apart from milk they also produce Dairy products including Cheese, Hard Cheese, Ice Creams, Paneer etc. The company employees 10 permanent staffs and 50 temporary farmers from local surrounding.

Professional Beekeeping at Baitadi

Mr. Tarak Raj Panta the ideator of Startup "Professional Beekeping at Baitadi" plans to produce honey infused with medicinal and other aromatic herbs and packet in sachets. Mr. Panta has suffice knowledge on natural medicines and herbs. Honey from Baitadi has its unique flavor and quantity which can be used as a competitive advantage over other Honey found in local market.